Holy Trinity: Old Bewick

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There are no written records of the church before 1695; however, in 1107 tradition says that the Manor of Bewick was given by Queen Maud to Tynemouth Priory at that time. Apparently in the late 13th century the church was damaged but restored in the 14th century possibly by the husband of the lady in effigy in the choir (1330-1350). A bell dated 1483 was found in the rubble of the vestry suggesting that at this time it had a tower or belfry. Inside the church and porch (1695) are several examples of C13th and C14th tomb slabs.

Although damaged again around 1640, Ralph Williamson, Lord of the Manor, restored the nave. However, early in the next century, the roof was blown off and the chapel fell to ruin although still used for burials. In 1866 Mr. Langlands (whose monument stand at the end of the lane) had the church restored, and it opened for services in 1867.

Although of Norman connections as illustrated by the large blocks in the lower levels of the North and West arches, there are some Anglo-Saxon notes to the structure – the first (chancel) arch has capitals decorated with leaves, heads and an abacus with a frieze of saltire crosses likewise the second (apse) arch. In the chancel an effigy of a lady in C14th costume rests between two kneeling angels. This is thought to be the work of sculptors who had a workshop near Alnwick until about 1340. The apse (sanctuary) is lit by two partly modern Norman windows. On the South wall is a recess which served as a fenestelia of a piscine whose bowl is broken away. On the North side is an Aumbrey. However, both of these recesses are so low they would indicate that the floor level has been raised.

Please explore the tranquil and lovely garden setting which houses memorials and headstones of note from the early C18th.

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